Project 2


Project 3

I interviewed my friends who are Apple users. I asked what they think about Apple products and the news about the Foxconn factory in China. Although, this Foxconn news had a big impact in the United States, it doesn’t seem the news would affect Apple and its marketing.

I will edit the audio files now to make it to a one complete audio file and I will post tonight.

Project 2 script

The development of a new technology has made people’s life convenient. They can contact their friends easily by using the Internet and they can share their pictures, videos and music with all the people in the online. Also, there are websites such as Amazon where people can buy most of the products they want with one click .The innovation and the widespread of the Internet have changed how people track their information. Before the innovation of the Internet, people have their phone numbers, friends’ contacts, street addresses and all the other private information in their little notebooks or in their brains. Nowadays, people use their cellphones and computers to track their information. They use their devices to record their private information and also they put their street addresses and credit card numbers and passwords to buy products online. However, some of these people don’t realize the danger of putting their information in the Internet.

Lei is a student in Temple University Japan Campus and he is taking a Cyberspace course in the University. In the Cyberspace course,Lei studies how the internet affect people’s life. Also, he has his blog that he posts his ideas about the online issues such as the online privacy and cyber-crimes.


Lei thinks the online privacy is a controversial problem that internet companies want to make money out of their users’ information, but the users don’t want the companies to public all of the users’ information.


Lei warns as one of the victims of the online privacy issues that people need to be more careful about their private information when they use the Internet.


As he said, it is important for internet companies to have certain amount of their users’ information, so the companies can give some benefits to their users. However, the companies don’t have a right to public all of their users’ information on the Internet. At the same time, the uses must be careful and understand that there is a possibility that their important information might be published on the Internet without their permissions. The internet is a convenient technology, but people need to know it can be a harmful technology too.

Project 2

I’m going to interview Lei from Cyberspace class. I saw his presentation about the online privacy, and he has a good story that he can share. Basically, he said all of his information was on the internet and he didn’t notice till he actually researched about himself on the internet. I think his story tells how people use the internet and put their information carelessly. I will post my basic storyline and the script about the project soon.

Some new ideas for the project #3

I got  a response from Lockman and he gave me some interesting information about Apple products. “Mike Daisey” and “Foxconn” were the keywords that I typed in Google and I got interesting stories about how Apple products were built in the factories in China and the working condition there. I am trying to use this story for my project #3 like interviewing Apple users and ask about this story.


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Project 3 – idea

I’m thinking about doing my project #3 on Apple products such as iPad and iPhone. There are incredible numbers of Apple users and I see many people using iPhone in Japan. Number of iPhone users is rapidly increasing and in fact, both au and Softbank are selling iPhone as one of their smart-phones. There are people really love Apple products and these Apple users buy Apple’s new products every time, even though they always complain about them. I want to interview few Apple users (audio only or video) about new Apple products like new iPad and new iPhone that is coming out soon I guess. I think everyone has different ideas and expectations, so I can compare their opinions.

Article Review – Runa

   I enjoyed reading Runa’s article. First of all, I liked the title of the article. She made up her own newspaper name, instead of using the title of her article for the title. Also, it had the date and the volume of the newwpapers that made the article more like a  real newspaper. The article compared two similar historical events (president assasination) in different years. It clearly showed the differences between two assasinations in different years. The structure was well organized that I could follow the story easily. However, I think the structure could be better if it was more like a newspaper structure. For example, instead of starting the article from her opinion (a reason why she chose the topic), she could start it from the facts she found or from her theme. I thought the first sentence of the article was not necessary. Also, the picture on the second page was too small that it was difficult  to see what the picture was about.